‘Deliverance’ in the USA

My latest export of British modern art is my 2010 painting ‘Deliverance’.

Aptly enough the painting has recently gone to a new home in the USA, the country which was the setting for the 1972 John Boorman film ‘Deliverance’ starring Burt Reynolds.  Internationally acclaimed in its day as a masterpiece Deliverance was remembered as much for the music of those Dueling Banjos as the cinematography and script itself.

However there are a few dissimilarities in that my ‘Deliverance’ has gone to Alaska – the first of my paintings to go to this part of the world – and the movie was set in Georgia which is at the other end of the USA, and also whilst there is a common water theme, with the city businessmen taking a canoe trip into the remote Georgia wilderness, ‘Deliverance’ the painting is from a closer to home water based subject matter, my 2010 Falmouth Working Boats exhibition.

Deliverance (2010) ~ Chris Billington, British Modern Artist

‘Deliverance’ (2010) ~ acrylic on canvas ~ Chris Billington

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