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Gyllyngvase series

The latest of my Gyllyngvase series, “Gyllyngvase (x)” has been added to the Paintings Gallery.

Those of you who follow my work will know that this painting has been a long time coming.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the painting the proces of arriving at the finished image has taken months to evolve and “Gyllyngvase (x)” marks a turning point in the direction of the series.

Also added to the gallery today is the recently finished “Walk The Plank”

Chris Billington Art Facebook Page

I now have a Facebook Page for fans of my work.

The purpose of the page is to compliment my website by offering a more interactive experience, comment, upload, discuss and genreally connect with me and my paintings in a more direct way.

There is a clickable link on the home page of my website, or you can join the page by the link below – which you may have already noticed.

“388.63” added to Paintings Gallery

“388.63” is finally finished and has been added to the Paintings Gallery this evening

Connect with me

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