Chris Billington on Pictorial Space

Pictorial space in my work is achieved by neither a logical or preconceived process but rather a creative vision which starts the moment my brush touches the canvas.

Above all the pictorial space in my paintings is primarily determined by equiluminance and the tension between the various planes, thereby shifting the viewers perception.


 Pictorial Space ~ Coverack (2008) ~ Chris Billington

Pictorial Space ~ Coverack (2008) ~ Chris Billington

Chris Billington on modern art

I am continually exploring the abstract, with a focus on the spatial relationships of colour and the spiritual rather than the mere physical, submitting myself entirely to the unknown yet with an absolute faith and commitment to the power of abstraction.

Always I want to produce very modern art.

Chris Billington on colour

With colour as the key factor, my work is informed as much by basic design ideas about colour relationships as much as it is influenced by the mystical landscape, the reflective sea, and the vibration of the pure light in Cornwall, the land that I grew up in.  I think of my paintings as an experience of the sensational world of colour and light.

The most important thing to me as a painter is the energy of colour.

Chris Billington on energy

A space is defined not only by a picture’s structure but also it’s feeling, it’s sensation – to be effective a painting has to transmit energy.

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