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Helston Packet feature January 2011

Chris Billington - Helston Packet January 2011

Happy New Year & Highlights of 2010

First may I take this opportunity to wish all of my supporters, friends, and followers a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2011, and thank you for all of my customers from around the world for continuing to invest in my work, long may it light up your walls and your hearts with energy and colour.

As many of you know 2010 was a very busy year for me and filled with many extraordinary highlights, some of which are noted below…

I am now represented in Cornwall and the South West of England by two of the regions finest galleries, The Stoneman in Penzance and The Bristol Gallery. My first major exhibition at The Bristol Gallery last May was alongside Sir Peter Blake’s “Alphabet”, and work by the late Sandra Blow RA. My debut at The Stoneman was in The Summer Show with Damien Hirst and Sir Terry Frost RA among others. Since then I have participated in a number of exhibitions in both galleries.

I am grateful to all of the people who support me in Cornwall and the rest of the UK. Many clients who already own my paintings have added to their collections during the past year and I have welcomed a lot of new friends to my “wonderful world of colour”, some who bought their first paintings from my successful “Falmouth Working Boats” exhibition in Falmouth last August.

On the International scene and in addition to work already in the USA, Japan and Moscow, 2010 saw my work gaining recognition in Germany and Spain.

The main focus of my work for Germany has been my continuing dialogue with the great nineteenth century German landscape painter, Johann Wilhelm Schirmer. I was invited to participate in this epic interpretation and acknowledgement of his work by Prof. Dr. Frank Günther Zehnder. The exhibition was staged at the Internationale Kunstakademie Heimbach, in conjunction with the Julich Museum, during the summer and will be touring other regions of Germany in 2011 and 2012. The Julich Museum now have four of my paintings in their permanent collection, and I also have work in Cologne and Wolfsburg

My first work to be shown in Spain is currently on exhibition in Valencia and I am sure that this is the first of many Spanish shows to come.

Also 2010 saw more of my work going to New York, and the first painting to Paris.

Finally I am honoured and delighted that my support of local charities continues to raise much needed funds, including LARF, Marie Curie and Hospice South West’s Precious Lives Appeal.

During the Christmas and New Year period I have recently finished another large commission for New York and I have already started work for some major exhibitions in 2011… so it looks like another super busy year.

Chris Billington - The Bristol Gallery

Fandangos in Space - Valencia - Chris Billington

chris billington - falmouth working boats private view

Chris billington & Angela Coote - Wonderland - Marie Curie

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