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In response to those enquiries as to what’s going on in the studio, and what is on my easel at the moment, here is a photo of the current project, ‘Love etc.’ in progress.

Images of new work to be exhibited at the Cornwall Open Studios 2009 will be added to the gallery at, or near to, the 23rd May.


Finally getting around to uploading some of the images that I took when I visited The Saatchi Gallery (almost 2 weeks ago). It has taken a while due to art related activities, The Truro Arts Festival and preparing for the Cornwall Open Studios and my Solo Exhibition in August, and of course painting, painting, painting. I hope to get a few words written about the Russian Constructivists exhibition at the Tate Modern in a few days.

Anyway here are a few photo’s of some of the art on display in the current impressive and stimulating exhibition. Unveiled is a show of contemporary art in every sense and it was a complete revelation to me, and being that the exhibition is predominately painting based suited me entirely.

Although from the Middle East, more than half of the 19 artists exhibiting now live and practise their art ‘abroad’ in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York, likely due to the hostile and repressive environment they had to operate in when in their countries of birth, and several of them attended art schools in London which obviously shaped their approach and outlook, but nonetheless a large body of the work on display is being created from within the heart of the Middle East. One can only wonder at how difficult this might be, so much so that one of the artists would not allow their face to be shown on gallery material and only appeared in balaclava.

Wafa-Hourani – Qalandia

Wafa-Hourani – Qalandia

Whilst some of the art is highly charged politically, much of the work is very accessible and Saatchi have to be applauded for once again putting on a fine exhibition, it was certainly well worth the trip up from Cornwall. Once again I am extremely grateful to Charles Saatchi and his helpful staff for allowing me to take the photographs and also to get so close to the art.

Tala-Madani – Nosefall

Tala-Madani – Tower Reflection

Tala-Madani – Holy Light

Jeffar-Khaldi – Frozen

Rokni=Haerizadeh – Shomal (Beach at the Caspian)

Hayv-Kahraman – Carrying On Shoulder

Hayv-Kahraman – Flaying The Lamb

Diana Al-Hadid – All The Stops

Halim-Al-Karim – Hidden-War-II

Ahmed-Alsoudani – Baghdad

Ahmed-Alsoudani – Untitled

Ahmad-Morshedloo – Untitled

Ahmad-Morshedloo – Untitled

Unveiled runs until May 6th and admission is free.

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