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Can You Smell Carrots?

Can You Smell Carrots?   Charlie is a delightful and most special 11 year old boy who lives in my village.   A few weeks ago he visited me with his mother to interview me as part of his school project.

It was a wonderful experience, made all the more special because to carry out the interview Charlie was dressed up like a professional, he turned up looking very smart in a jacket and tie, armed with his iPad.   Keen to get started he pressed the record button and set off with his questions.

Charlie was quite excited to be conducting the interview and eager to get going he fired his first question, ‘Wait a minute Charlie’, his mother cried, “you have to ask him his name first!”   “But… I know his name” said Charlie, “It’s Chris”…  and so started an entertaining and very productive 15 minutes of tough interviewing!

Why am I telling the story and what has this to do with carrots?

Well Charlie has a favourite joke about two snowmen, where one snowman asks the other, “Can you smell carrots?” a line which we both find very funny indeed, and it is even funnier hearing Charlie deliver the joke in his own unique way.

Can You Smell Carrots? ~ Contemporary British Painting ~ Chris Billington

Can You Smell Carrots? ~ Contemporary British Painting ~ Chris Billington

I am so touched by Charlie’s heart warming innocence and his constant wonder of everything in his life that I decided to paint  “Can You Smell Carrots?” for him as a Christmas present.

Charlie has Down Syndrome and he sees the world in a very special way and I am sure  that the bright and happy scene of the two snowmen of  ‘Can You Smell Carrots?’  will bring him much delight, not just at Christmas but throughout the years and his life to come.   I am posting this on my News Page because I wanted to share the joy of this painting with friends and followers of my work.

I shall be delivering ‘Can You Smell Carrots?’ to Charlie and his family this afternoon.

I wish you all a most magical Christmas.


Christmas Selection ~ Temple Of The Moon

My 2012 painting ‘Temple Of The Moon’ is currently featuring in the Christmas Selection at The ARThouse Gallery in Bournemouth.

Temple Of The Moon (2012) -50cm x100cm - Chris Billington

Temple Of The Moon (2012) – 50cm x 100cm – Chris Billington

‘Temple Of The Moon’has been selected for the Christmas Exhibition along with a variety of pieces by other artists that all bear some reflection on the season

The exhibition is curated by The ARThouse Director Paul Watts and will run from December 1 through December 23.

The ARThouse Gallery – Chris Billington

Paul Watts Christmas Selection

Christmas Present in New York

My recently sold painting ‘Christmas Present’ is looking rather grand hanging in it’s elegant new home in New York, and just in time for Christmas.

Christmas Present in New York ~ Chris Billington latest painting to sell to New York


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