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antiSocial Media Generation aired on Arirang TV

antiSocial Media Generation - Chris Billington

antiSocial Media Generation - Chris Billington

A huge thank you to Korea’s Arirang TV for airing my video & soundtrack antiSocial Media Generation today….

Christmas Painting and Christmas Card 2011

My recently completed Christmas painting has been photographed and my 2011 card is now being printed.

Much anticipated by many I am already being asked if I am continuing the Cosmic theme again this year ….. well, all will be revealed soon.

For 2011 I have also decided to add an additional 100 to my mailing list, so if you do not already receive Christmas cards from me and would like one, please contact me via the Contact Form on my website, or email your address details to

The first 100 that I receive will be added.

Magnetic Sun for Sequoia Tees

Sequoia Tees Launch World’s Greatest Living Artists Limited Edition T-shirts

The international launch of Sequoia Tees takes place this coming weekend in Amsterdam, on November 19th.

For this exciting project I have produced a dynamic design in Magnetic Sun and I have to say that I was delighted when the CEO allocated the date of 20.11.2011 for it’s debut.

Sequoia Tees

Sequoia Tees

The Sequoia Tees are limited and numbered, 1 design a day, 100 numbers

Magnetic Sun will be revealed very soon….

Further details can be found on the Sequoia Tees website ~ Sequoia Tees

Gyllyngvase @ The Bristol Gallery for SixbyEight Update

I am delighted to have been told that both of my paintings, Gyllyngvase (xii) and (xiii) sold over the weekend, helping to raise a phenomenal £25,000 for Hop Skip & Jump. Huge congratulations to the SixbyEight organisers and the Bristol Gallery.

Gyllyngvase (xiii)(20011) - Chris Billington

Gyllyngvase (xiii)(20011) - Chris Billington

antiSocial Media Generation

100 days ago rioting and looting erupted on the streets of London, quickly followed by copycat riots in other parts of the UK.

The speed with which these riots happened was largely due to the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter

Here is my short film and soundtrack of the riots and the aftermath which followed. This film was submitted to Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid and released on November 13th 2011…. it is now up on YouTube and it is also available in HD.

Gyllyngvase @ The Bristol Gallery for SixbyEight

Hop Skip & Jump

Hop Skip & Jump

In my continuing support of charities and the fabulous work that they do I am pleased to announce the following…

This week sees the forthcoming SixbyEight Charity Exhibition at The Bristol Gallery which takes place over the weekend of November 12th and 13th with a ticketed only Private View on the evening of November 11th.

In excess of 400 works of art, all measuring 6″ x 8″ will be on sale at £40 each, thereby giving patrons the opportunity to purchase a piece of work by a professional or amateur artist. The twist being that all works are signed on the reverse so the purchase will be a bit of a gamble.

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Hop Skip and Jump, a wonderful centre which offers sustained day care to children with life limited or threatening illnesses or any special need, with support for their families.

Situated in the Kingswood area of Bristol Hop Skip and Jump relies entirely on charitable donations for their funding.

In keeping with the spirit of the event, and to try and keep my work as anonymous as possible I have submitted two works on the supplied 6″ x 8″ paper, even though i was seriously tempted to produce my work on a more substantial support. To make it more of an interesting investment for the purchaser(s) the paintings that I have submitted are a continuation of my Gyllyngvase series, numbers (xii) and (xiii), which obviously means that the only way that these can be purchased is via the exhibition. Also in an attempt to make it less obvious which these are I have painted them in a slightly different style.

I wish the organisers every success and while I cannot be there for the Private View I will try to get to the exhibition at some point over the weekend.

Please give SixbyEight and the organisers your full support and help them in raising funds for a really worthwhile children’s centre, Hop Skip and Jump.

Hop Skip and Jump ~ Hop Skip and Jump South West

The SixbyEight Exhibition ~ SixbyEight

The Venue:
The Bristol Gallery
Unit 2, Building 8
Millennium Promenade
Bristol BS1 5TY

The New York Optimist

I am most grateful to writer and art curator Regiane Yuki Sabanai for her presentation of my work in the current edition of The New York Optimist (November 4th – November 11th 2011).

Manhattan (2011) - 90cm x 90cm - acrylic on canvas - Chris Billington

Manhattan (2011) - 90cm x 90cm - acrylic on canvas - Chris Billington

Here is a link to the article ~ The New York Optimist

Album Cover Artwork

I am thrilled that one of my paintings is to be used for the Cover Artwork for the forthcoming Rapp Quelle album, Abstract Art : Tenacity & Perseverance Vol.2

Rapp Quelle is a widely respected and world renown Bahamian artist, poet and songwiter and he is a joy to know and work with, more information about his work can be found on his website…
RAPP Quelle

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