Temple Paintings Sold

Continuing a good start to the year of paintings sold I am extremely pleased to report that The ARThouse Gallery in Bournemouth have added to the 2014 sales tally.   The latest sales by the gallery are of my Temple paintings.

Both paintings sold are of Mayan Temples,   ‘Temple Of The Moon’ and ‘Temple Of The Sun’. Each measuring 50cm x 100cm and, through my own use of symbolism, with these works I consider the contemplative nature of the moon and the contrasting fire of the sun, in relation to the Mayan star gazers and their architecture and belief systems.

Painted as a complementary pair they sit well together so I am absolutely delighted that they have both gone to the same home.



'Temple Of The Moon' ~ 50cm X 100cm ~ Chris Billington ~ Latest Paintings Sold

‘Temple Of The Moon’ ~ 50cm X 100cm ~ Chris Billington ~ Latest Paintings Sold


'Temple Of The Sun' ~ 50cm X 100cm ~ Chris Billington ~ Latest Paintings Sold

‘Temple Of The Sun’ ~ 50cm X 100cm ~ Chris Billington ~ Latest Paintings Sold


My huge thanks go to gallery owner Paul Watts.

The ARThouse Gallery


2 Responses to “Temple Paintings Sold”

  1. Jamie Robinson says:

    Hi Chris
    I’ve just read this post from 2014. We purchased these paintings from Paul and they hang together in our home in Poole.
    My wife and I don’t always agree on artwork but we both fell in love with these when Paul showed them to us. I can say that 7 years on they still captivate me everyday so thank you.

  2. Chris says:

    Hello Jamie, Many thanks for this message, quite often I have no idea who has bought a particular piece of my work, or where many of my paintings are and it is a real pleasure to know that my two glorious Temple Paintings bring you joy and still captivate you after all of these years!

    Apologies for the delay in responding but as you know it has been the strangest of years. It is really lovely to hear from you and your post with that news is very much appreciated.

    Thank you for buying them as a pair.

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