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Christmas Razzmatazz

“Razzmatazz” is a painting from my 2012/13 Colours of Christmas Exhibition which was held at The Blake Gallery, Gravesend, Kent in December 2012 through January 2013 and the painting was acquired by a collector and is in a private collection in New York. In fact it is a collection of Chris Billington paintings that is one of the largest outside of the UK and for which I am humbled and this year I took the decision to use the Razzmatazz artwork as the image for my Christmas cards.

Razzmatazz, 2012 acrylic on canvas, 20 x 24in, Private Collection New York

This year I sent out fewer cards, at around 100, in order to be more efficient and environmentally friendly and also because some of the addresses I have been sending them out to are now over 10 years old. If you were on my Christmas card list and did not get a card this year but would still like to receive them in future please accept my apologies and simply drop me a line with “card” in the subject title and your details to and I will re-add you. I intend to keep sending them out while there is still demand from my clients and friends but as always this is under review.

Earlier in the month I packed up some blank cards, paper and an assortment of vibrant felt tip paint pens and crayons and held another one of my art sessions with some of the wonderfully talented members of the Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Youth Club. With these materials and aided with a few of the props that I also brought along with me they once again showed me how gifted they are and produced art that was imaginative and without bounds and I am sure that the creative session helped them to get into the mood for Christmas.

Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Youth Club – Charlie, Finn, Lexie and Rosie
Art With Chris Billington – December 2019

Time is one of the gifts that we can all share with each other and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, with all of its razzmattaz, I hope that you can spend some of this special time of the year with those who you love and care about during this festive period.

Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Youth Club – Art Time With Chris Billington – Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas to all from the studio of Chris Billington

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