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jynnji records

jynnji records are go!

jynnji - a distinctly Cornish independent record label



jynnji – a distinctly Cornish independent record label

Apologies for the very sparse updates on my art, as always there is currently a lot of activity in the ArtLab with several paintings in progress, including two new commissions that I have recently taken on.   But I am delighted to announce that jynnji records, a side project which I have been working on for the past few months, is now up and running.

Obviously this is a fledgling enterprise but it is my hope that the label will attract some interest and that it will grow organically over time.    It is my intention that the label will focus on Cornish talent, although not exclusively, and that there is a strong sense of Cornish identity.

Naturally as a project jynnji should fit in well around my painting, of which there really is plenty of news but I will leave that for a future post.   Going forward I see running my new record label dovetailing nicely with my art.

The first label release, the “Sunrise EP”,  is imminent.   It is a four track live EP from Loic Rich, recorded in glorious mono at St John Church Truro in February of this year and mastered at my ArtLab.

Loic is a Cornish singer songwriter who has steadily built up a following in Cornwall and the West Country through his extensive gig schedule over the years and the Sunrise EP captures that authentic live sound well.  More information on the release and jynnji can be found here.


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