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Love Spreads

‘Love Spreads’ ~ Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

It has been a number of years since any of my paintings featured hearts.

In fact the last one was my 2009 painting ‘Love Etc.’,  so here is one for 2014 ~  ‘Love Spreads’ ~ bursting with love and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

'Love Spreads' (2014) ~ 36in x 30in ~ acrylic on canvas ~ modern art from Chris Billington

‘Love Spreads’ (2014) ~ 36in x 30in ~ acrylic on canvas ~ Chris Billington


Gyllyngvase (xiv) ~ a commissioned painting

Gyllyngvase, that most beautiful of Cornish beaches, is a subject that I keep returning to from time to time and here is my latest take on it.

But what is interesting about this painting is that I am deeply into my various projects, in particular work for my 2014 Punk exhibitions, and I had another one of those flash thoughts that regularly punctuate my creative process, and given that I always take heed of these thoughts because it is my strong belief that the soul is the driver of all great art, I made a mental note  “that somehow I really must make  time to try and make a start on the next painting in my Gyllyngvase series”.

Literally within a matter of  days of this happening I was contacted out of the blue by a nice guy, a teacher,  who said that both he and his wife love my work and asked to visit my studio.

To cut a long story short he turned up with some copies of a couple of my earlier Gyllyngvase paintings which he had taken from the internet and asked if it would be possible to commission one for his wife’s forthcoming birthday.

Needless to say that I paid attention to this event of synchronicity because if ever there was a sign to bring the painting to life, that was surely it.

So I agreed and put everything else on hold for a few weeks, including another planned commission for a client, which I shall be fitting in around my exhibition work and starting next week, and a new Gyllyngvase painting was born.

So here it is, my latest commissioned piece, ‘Gyllyngvase (xiv)’, and the newest addition to my ongoing series which now lives on a wall in its new home here in Cornwall.

Gyllyngvase (xiv) 2014 ~ 30in x 32in ~ acrylic on canvas ~ Chris Billington

Gyllyngvase (xiv) 2014 ~ 30in x 32in ~ Chris Billington


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