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Schleidener WochenSpiegel Press

Dr Elisabeth Geschwind very kindly sent this recent press cutting, taken from Schleidener WochenSpiegel, in which she is pictured with my painting “Dark Side of the Eifel”, another very proud moment for me indeed.

It has been added to my Press Page.

Chris Billington - Schleidener Wochenspiegel

Schleidener WochenSpiegel feature June 2011

Chris Billington - Eifel Ausstellung Wochenspiegel

German Press Updates

You will notice from the recent updates on my Press Page that I  have been picking up quite a lot of German Press again lately, in relation to my various exhibitions in Germany and my ongoing relationship with the magnificent Julich Museum.

I would just like to mention that I am absolutely thrilled by the response that my work is receiving in Germany and it is a great honour to be associated with such a wonderful country.   I would especially  like to thank those who have purchased my work and also everyone concerned for their unwavering  support and enthusiasm for my paintings.

Julich Magazin feature June 2011

Chris Billington - Julich Magazin

Chris Billington - Julich Magazin article

Julich Stadt Und Land feature June 2011

Chris Billington - Julich Stadt Und Land.

Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger feature June 2011

Chris Billington - Ausstellung KSTA

Warhol – Are Chairs Electric?

My latest soundscape,”Warhol – Are Chairs Electric” has recently been completed.

This sound/video composition is a tribute to Andy Warhol….

“2091 Radiating Original Thinking” on exhibition in Ohio

I am delighted that   “2091 Radiating Original Thinking”, is on show at Gallery 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

2091 Radiating Original Thinking (2011) - Chris Billington

This is my first piece of digital art and it has featured in a video presentation and the original, strictly produced as a signed edition of one,  is being shown in the  Digital Art Show to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the gallery.

Western Morning News feature June 2011

Chris Billington - Western Morning News - 10.06.2011

The Cornishman feature June 2011

Chris Billington - Lido @ The Stoneman - The Cornishman - Jubilee Pool 5 Flags Flying

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