90th Anniversary of The Levant Disaster

I am extremely proud to be one of the contributing artists to this event which marks the 90th Anniversary of the tragic collapse of the man engine at Levant Mine which occurred on the afternoon of Monday 20th October 1919. A total of 31 local men lost their lives, and many more were left injured and traumatised by the terrible sequence of events that took place. The toll on the community in Penwith was immense.

The community art project – 90 Years ~ 90 Artists – is also coming to a climax with the exhibition of the completed 90 canvases. Entrance to the exhibition is free, and details are shown in the poster above.

On Friday 30th October, at the close of the exhibition there will be a grand draw with the 90 canvases forming 90 individaul prizes. This will take place between 4.00-6.00pm. Tickets are being sold throughout August, September and October priced £1 each in books of 5 tickets. To obtain tickets please contact either the St Just & District Trust (secretary 07917 196069) or The National Trust Levant ( 01736 786156).

Below is a list of the brave miners who lost their lives in the tragic collapse of the man engine at Levant Mine, on Monday 20th October 1919:-

Below is a list of the brave miners who lost their lives in the tragic collapse of the man engine at Levant Mine, on

Monday 20th October 1919:-

Henry Andrews(46) Nancherrow-Terrace, St Just Widow + 2 children (1 under 16)
John T. Angwin(61) Regent-Terrace, St. Just Widow + 2 adult children
Thomas Branwell(60) Carnyorth
Peter Branwell(38) Chapel Street, St Just Widow
Stephen J. Brewer(18) Church Sq., St. Just
George H. Eddy(45) Bosorne-road, St. Just Widow + 7 children 6 under 16
John Ellis(34) South Place, St Just
William Henry Ellis(47) Chapel-street, St Just 4 children 2 under 16
William John George(47) Cresswell-Terrace, Widow + 7 children
John E. Grenfell (52) Cresswell Terrace Widow, + 9 children
William J. Harvey(43) Boscaswell Widow & 9 Children
Ben Hocking(43) Kelynack Moor, St Just Widow + 6 children all under 16
William John Hocking Truthwall Widow + 11 children
John Kevern(44) Carn View-Terrace, Pendeen Widow
James Maddern(47) Carn Bosavern Widow + 2 children 1 under 16
Nicholas J. Mathews(36) Chapel Street, St Just Widow + 1 child under 16
Mathew E Mathews(36) Bojewyan widow
William. J. Murley (29) Tregaseal, St Just Widow + 2 Children under 16
Mathew Newton (61) Carn Bosavern Widow
James H Oats (39) South Place, St Just Widowed-mother
Sampson Osborne(48) Chapel Road, St Just
Eddy F. Pascoe (22) Prince’s street, St Just Widow
Tom Rowe(46) Creswell Terrace 11 orphans (mother previously died)
Leonard Semmens(25) Nancherrow-Terrace. St Just
Nicholas H. Thomas(20) Boscaswell Widowed Mother and sister over 16
John Tonkin (52) Boscean Widow + 7 children 3 dependant
Edwin T Trathen (41) Bojewyan 3 children, 2 under 16 years
William Henry Tregear(57) Bosorn-road, St. Just Widow + 2 Children under16
James Vingoe Trembath(25) Bojewyan Mother
William E.Waters(31) Chapel Street, St Just Sister
John Wearne(29) Bosorne Fields, St Just Widow + 3 children under 16

20 Responses to “90th Anniversary of The Levant Disaster”

  1. Ben Williams says:

    William John Hocking- (my great-great-grandfather) died at the dissaster (as you know) but he left his wife (Ethel) and 11 children (of which i am not sure the ages, but they were named: Jimmy, Williams John, Henery, Margret, Percy, Tom, Maggie, Alice, Lylie, POascoe and Ernie) Tom was my great grandfather,(his daughter Pauline (married Denzel Willliams), (grandmother) Pauline mothered Karl williams and karl is my father.

    hope you add this infomation to your blog as i feel its important


    ben williams

  2. chris billington says:

    Ben I am sorry to hear that your grandfather was one of the miners killed in the Levant disater, and of the sad loss to your family.

    I have updated the details accordingly.

  3. Steven Davies says:

    My great grandfather was George Henry Harvey Eddy of Bosorne Road who died in the Lavant tragedy.
    After the accident my grandmother who was 10 moved to South Wales so as her elder brother Lewis could find work in the coal mines
    If there are any plans to remember the 100 year anniversary I would like to know and join in.

  4. Amber Harper says:

    Hi Steve

    My mums grandad (John Eddy) was one of the 7 children, he also moved to South Wales with his brothers & sisters after the accident. Do you know the names of his siblings? Just looking up a family tree


  5. Rikki Godbold says:

    Good afternoon.

    My Great great (great) grandfather George H Eddy whom died in the disaster and my great great grand father moved to south wales with his uncle for work.

    I am just trying to source any information on the family

  6. Adrian Eddy says:

    Hi Steve, Amber,

    I’ve just found this website and your posts. I’ve done some research into George Henry Harvey Eddy’s ancestors. You can find him here on my website:

    There are 5 generations before him but I have very little information of his descendants so would love to hear from you.



  7. pamela urquhart says:

    My grandfather, Captain Ben Nicholas, was the mine manager at Levant at the time of the disaster. He is mentioned in some reports of the disaster.

  8. Rikki godbold says:

    Good morning,
    I was just wondering if there are any plans to mark 100 years since the disaster next year? as i am planning a family trip to cornwall and would visit the site again.

  9. Sue James says:

    If possible, I am wanting to contact Pam Urquhart who commented here in October last year as she contacted me and allowed me to put memories re Ben Nicholas on my website. We did exchange a few emails but I have lost her contact details. I have a potential relative of hers, who saw the bit on my website, and wanted me to pass his email on. Hoping this might be seen by Pam and she will contact me again or that the owner of this site will pass her my email address and this message!

    Website link here explains http://www.suejames.org/st-just-and-pendeen-memories/

  10. Chris says:

    Rikki I have not heard of anything to date but I am fairly positive that it will be marked in some way.

  11. Chris says:

    Sue I have passed your email address on to Pamela so hopefully she will be in touch. Kind regards, Chris

  12. john harvey Barnes says:

    Hello my Grandfather work at the mine and mist the disaster by changing shifts on that day, my Grandfather James Henry Nicholas on that day so sad that so many lost their lives and friends.

  13. Diane Nemec (Nee Andrewartha) says:

    Hi, My G.Great Uncle lost his life at the Levant Mine on the 20th October 1919 his name was William Henry Ellis and he was my G.Great Grandmothers Brother, he was 47 years of age when he died and he left a wife and four children, two under 16. He lived at Chapel Street, St Just. William was a foster Father of Ralph Ellis who life was also effected by the Levant Mine, he was a tunneller in world war one and when he returned home his nerves were shot to pieces and after being the first man on the scene at a Levant Mine accident in August 1920 when four trammers were killed he never recovered and was committed to the County Mental Asylum where he stayed until he died. Wwilliam John Murley who also died in the disaster on 20th October 1919 was also William Henry Ellis’s Nephew

  14. Chris says:

    Dear Diane, Such tragedy for one family and very sad indeed but thank you for sharing that with us.

  15. David James says:

    Diane, We are trying to locate the grave of William Henry Ellis. Do you know the name of his parents? He may have been buried in their grave and the stone not marked.

    St Just Miners’ Chapel is the charity tasked with securing the future of the Wesleyan Chapel. We are holding an Act of Remembrance at 7 pm on Sunday 20 October at which a memorial will be unveiled in the Chapel. All will be made most welcome.

    The Chapel will be open for the week before and the week after 20th October as a place where people may come to reflect, to visit the graves of 15 of the miners killed that day and to meet family and friends.

  16. Marna Blundy says:

    The Miners’ Chapel in St Just is arranging events to mark the 100th anniversary of the Levant Disaster, particularly an Act of Remembrance on 19th October at 7pm and a Concert on 20th October at 7.30pm. See the Levant 100 Facebook Page for updates and details.

  17. Diane Nemec says:

    I am so sorry for late reply David, I have only just seen your question , do you now have the information you needed? Also I do not live in Cornwall but may attend the 100th year anniversary, will there be a church service or something at the Mine? Many Thanks Diane

  18. Linda Levy says:

    So interested in this! Can I buy tickets by tomorrow for the draw? Our family is connected and we are so interested in learning more about our ancestors. My Mum’s maiden name is Trathen. My Grandad Stephen was born in 1922 and a relative of Edwin Trathen and pretty sure others are related to us on his Mother’s maiden side Oats and Murleys! My Great Grandfather William J Trathen was on the parish council and helped set up the Levant Mining Disaster Benevolent Fund.
    So so special to know how we connect.
    If anyone wishes to contact me with information my contact is lindalevy72@icloud.com
    Kind regards!

  19. David Nash says:

    Hi Chris,
    My wife’s grandmother is daughter of George H Eddy who died in the Levant disaster in 1919. Her first name was Dorothy and moved to the Treherbert area of the Rhondda valley, near her she had two sisters Bertha and Naomi.
    From your report there were 7 siblings, we have no idea of their history other than the mentioned.
    Do you have any further information please.
    My wife and I are visiting St Just at the end of May.

  20. Chris says:

    Hello David, Apologies for the late response, I do not have any further information for you but by now you have hopefully enjoyed a successful trip to St Just and discovered a little more about your wife’s grandmother and her family.

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