Art Reviews by German Press

Copies of the Art Reviews of my recent exhibition in Germany have just arrived from the Juelich Museum.

A massive thank you to the museum for sending these through to me, and for their continuing support and for generating so much interest in my Colour and Reduction Exhibition through their dedicated promotion of the exhibition before, during and after the show.

After the 3 week exhibition some of my paintings were taken out into the community to a wider audience to places for members of the public to see, along with the corresponding Schirmer’s, such as our work from The Daytime Cycle which was taken into Churches.

Chris Billington  Art Reviews by German Press

Chris Billington Art Reviews by German Press

Together with the Cornish press who through Lee Trewhela, The Editor of The West Briton What’s On, gave me a fantastic write up once again, the phenomenal coverage in the German Press has resulted in the most remarkable body of art reviews of my work for one exhibition.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the German Press, the journalists and photographers who through their newspapers and magazines have given a wholehearted and considerable response to my work, a response for which I am incredibly grateful.

Copies have all now been added to my Press Page.


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