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Art news from my studio as the exhibition in Germany is now in the final week, closing on November 10, and once again there is a buzz of energy around my workspace as I move into my next phase of activity.

Art News from the Cornish studio of abstract artist Chris Billington

Art News from the Cornish studio of abstract artist Chris Billington

I am currently working on two commissions, one is a painting for a very patient client for whom I am determined to deliver a finished and framed work before Christmas, and the other is album artwork which I am delighted to be doing for Cornish outfit Clay.

Once these are completed I will be going full tilt into my 2014 project, ‘Punk:The Transatlantic Paintings’ which has been over 12 months in the planning and of which there will be developing news over the coming weeks and months.

Finally it is that time of year again, in the next few weeks I shall be organising my Christmas card which hopefully will be going out to everyone on my list from previous years.

As usual I will be happy to add a strictly limited number of new followers of my work to the list on a first come basis. If you have not received a Christmas card from me before but would like one, please email me at, marking the subject Christmas Card and I will do what I can.


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  1. Dawn Walker says:

    Hi Chris
    I would like to see the landscape paintings you did for the museum (saw little bits of them in your video). Do you have a spare catalogue?

    Best wishes

  2. Chris says:

    Hello Dawn, Of course I have a catalogue for you! I will email you.

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