Juelich Museum Director Celebrates Forthcoming Exhibition

Two days ago Juelich Museum Director Marcell Perse took a Billington from their collection up into the Ahr Valley to celebrate my forthcoming exhibition which opens with them next week.

It is the wine season in the Ahr Valley and Marcell took my painting ‘Burg Are Altenahr’ into the landscape from which it was derived to toast the show from what he said is the best viewpoint of the scene painted by Schirmer and myself.


Juelich Museum Director Marcell Perse toasts Billington's 'Burg Are Altenahr' in the Ahr Valley

Juelich Museum Director Marcell Perse toasts Billington’s ‘Burg Are Altenahr’ in the Ahr Valley

As final preparations are completed by the Museum this warm gesture is an expression of the significance of my ‘Landscapes To Schirmer’ and I am completely amazed by their enthusiasm.


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