Colour and Reduction Abstract Artist at The Juelich Museum

British Abstract Artist reworks Classical German Landscape painting via new forms and colour.

These are the Chris Billington paintings. A celebration of modern art from British abstract artist Chris Billington who pays tribute to the great nineteenth Century painter J.W. Schirmer at The Juelich Museum with his current exhibition “COLOUR AND REDUCTION ~ Landscapes To J.W. Schirmer” at The Juelich Museum 19 October 2013 – 10 November 2013.


“British artist Chris Billington has long been fascinated by Schirmer’s complex universe of landscapes.   In his radically abstract, geometric style, he lays bare the fundamental structures of Schirmer’s landscapes and condenses them into striking constellations of colour and shape.   With their apparent lightness and bold use of colour, his cohesive compositions entice us to really see.   In their reduced state they create spaces of strong symbolic force with a unique quality” 

Marcell Perse, Museumsleiter/Director



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