5 paintings sold to a collector in New York


New York

I was thrilled when I started 2012 with early sales of my work, including a painting in Cornwall quickly followed by the sale of another painting which went to New York.

This January I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have had the most phenomenal start to 2013 having just sent five sold paintings to a collector in New York.

Razzmatazz (2012) ~ 20in X 24in ~ Chris Billington

Razzmatazz (2012) ~ 20in X 24in ~ Chris Billington

A huge thank you, and also thank you to UPS for getting my paintings from my studio to New York swiftly and safely.

2 Responses to “5 paintings sold to a collector in New York”

  1. Angela says:

    Congratulations, hope the rest of your year continues to be as fulfilling, if not better.

    Still didn’t see a picture of our hand-fasting.

    Take care,
    Angela-Clare & Alan

  2. Chris says:

    Hello Angela, yes I know that the painting is a long time coming, it will happen but as you can see I am being kept very busy with one exhibition on top of another, and last year’s exhibitions included two large solo shows as you know.

    The wait will be worth it.

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