The Engine Room @ Nottingham’s Night of Festivals

The Engine Room

The Engine Room ~ Chris Billington (2012)

The Engine Room ~ Chris Billington (2012)

Commissioned especially for screening at Nottingham’s exciting 3 day “Night Of Festivals” event which takes place on Thursday 22nd June – Saturday 24th June inclusive. My video “The Engine Room” will be debuted in the Artreach Nanoplex ~ the world’s smallest moving image gallery ~ where it will be showing on a continuous basis alongside a range of short moving image works from film makers from six continents over the three days of the Night Of Festivals.

Intrigued by the prospect of showing some of my work in the world’s smallest moving image gallery I set about thinking in terms of early large scale technology as a counterpart to, and in keeping with the theme of the exhibition celebrating world freedom.

With “The Engine Room” I have tried to capture the essence of an important piece of Britain’s industrial legacy. This is a snapshot of marine engineering circa 1843 that made the SS Great Britain the fastest ship in the world, with her 12 knot engine being Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s magnificent wonder of the age.

In her day The SS Great Britain was the embodiment of freedom, enabling passengers to cross the oceans swiftly and safely, giving many who sailed in her a new found independence, her engine room was the power behind that freedom.

Created specifically for ArtReach it is my intention that my video and accompanying soundtrack will enable the viewer to experience the power of The Engine Room through the unique and intimate environment of nanoplex.

For those who cannot get to “Night of Festivals” the video will be uploaded to my YouTube account after the 3 day event has finished.

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Night of Festivals

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