7 Deadly Sins Exhibition @ Marina di Pisa. Italy

I am very proud to say that my first work to be shown in Italy goes on exhibition today in the 7 Deadly Sins Exhibition at Villa Bondi in Marina di Pisa, Tuscany.

Earlier this year I was invited by Nadia Spita to produce something for the 7 deadly Sins Exhibition, a 10 day show which takes place in Pisa from the 1st – 10th June, organised by Art Caffè London in association with EMERGENCY UK, a British, independent charitable organisation that support’s EMERGENCY’s healthcare projects in conflict and post conflict areas. The aim of the exhibition is to address an important issue in contemporary society: waste, recycling and abuse of unnecessary materials that are creating problems for us and our future.

I came up with an idea which was a play on the words of the exhibition title itself while working with 7 drink tins to alert viewers to the fact that these drinks, and others like them, are mostly loaded with fructose, sugars, phosphoric acid, low ph values, caffeine, often containing aspartame and devoid of any nutritional value. The title of my piece, which is mixed & recycled media on a 24” x 20” ply panel is “7 Deadly Tins”.

Created in part with recycled soft drink tins set against a vivid backdrop to emphasise their attractiveness but beneath the bright colours is a message that however seductive and enticing they appear, soft fizzy drinks are anything but a healthy option for us or our planet.

Monies raised from the exhibition will go towards funding a Paediatric Centre in Bangui in Central African Republic, work on which was started by EMERGENCY in 2008.

"7 Deadly Tins" (2012) ~ 24in x 20in ~ mixed & recycled media on ply panel ~ Chris Billington

"7 Deadly Tins" (2012) ~ 24in x 20in ~ mixed & recycled media on ply panel ~ Chris Billington

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