The 29th Day for Sequoia Tees

I am delighted to present my second exclusive design for Sequoia Tees ~ The 29th Day.

A special creation for a particularly significant day, the 29th February.

As with my previous design last year – Magnetic Sun, and all Tees in the Sequoia range, The 29th Day will be limited to 100 Tees in total and will only be available through Sequoia.

The 29th Day - Chris Billington

The 29th Day - Chris Billington

In response to the questions about this image here is an update.

Many of you who read this will know that as is often the case with my work there is a deeper meaning in the image. The title “The 29th Day” of course corresponds to the date at which the image was launched, the 29th February.

But the title also refers to a book of the same name by Lester Brown, which in turn takes the title from a French Riddle that is used to teach schoolchildren about exponential growth.

The following YouTube video link explains further……

Plan B: Has Our Planet Already Reached the 29th Day?

A link to the design on the Sequoia Tees website can be found here ~The 29th Day

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