Studio News Update March 2011

My studio is full of canvases, I had 21 delivered last week and there are several in different stages of completion which I am currently working on for my various exhibitions taking up most of  my studio space.  I have more than enough projects to keep me very busy but I shall be starting Gyllyngvase (xii) sometime during the summer.

Last night I spent a most enjoyable evening with the delightful members of The St.Agnes Art Society as their guest speaker.  I was invited to talk about The Power Of Colour for a couple of hours and I want to thank them all for the invitation and for making me feel so welcome .

2 Responses to “Studio News Update March 2011”

  1. Karen Anstice says:

    Dear Chris,

    I want to thank you for a very inspirational evening, it was such a refreshing change from our norm.

    As you can see I could not wait to check out your website. Your work is very spiritual and understandable.

    I to, hope to be a painter soon and have the courage to go with my visions.

    Regards Karen.

  2. Chris says:

    That is very kind of you Karen, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and all of the members of the society. Stay in touch and good luck with with your art future.

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