Black Kites : Eifel Gold : Exhibition : Germany

“Black Kites : Eifel Gold” –   an exhibition of 20 of my paintings, is my response to my previous visit in 2010 to the beautiful landscape that is the Eifel Region.

There is a particular light and beauty in the Eifel which is unmatched almost anywhere.   It is an area full of abundant wildlife and bursting with colour in every direction, these paintings are my own unique translation of that light and energy.

I am absolutely delighted to be showing my work in Germany again, so soon after my last work was on exhibition in Heimbach.   I am also immensely proud that this is my first solo exhibition to take place outside of the UK and that it is being staged in the enchanting spa town of Bad Munstereifel.

By kind invitation the exhibition is being presented at the gallery of  my good friend and collaborator Maf Raderscheidt, and will be on display for 30 days.

There will be a Private View on Friday 18th February.

Black Kites Eifel Gold (2011) - acrylic on canvas - Chris Billington

Black Kites, Eifel Gold (2011) 20cm x 30cm – acrylic on  canvas

Black Kites. Eifel Gold  – on exhibition from 18.2.11 to 18.3.11 @ Atelier Maf Raderscheidt, Bad Munstereifel, Germany

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