Twitter Art Exhibition Moss Norway

In response to David Sandum’s “Call for artists” to donate postcard sized work for his Twitter art exhibition in Moss Norway here is my 7″ x 5″  contribution,  “WIN WIN Situation”

WIN WIN Situation

WIN WIN Situation (2010) – 7 inches x 5 inches acrylic on board

All proceeds from the sale of the works on display will go to help with purchasing children’s books for the public library,  which has just had it’s funding cut.

The exhibition was organised through David with his aim of bringing together many artists from around the world via the social network site Twitter for the benefit of local children in his home town of Moss in Norway. David has successfully achieved a high level of support and I am sure that the exhibition will raise a lot of money for those much needed books.

The exhibition will be on display at the Public Library in Moss, Norway and runs from December 1st – 30th.

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