Studio News

A quick update of what is going on the studio.

It has been a very busy few months with trips to Germany and Paris etc. however there is much activity in my studio with plenty going on.

I am quite excited that Gyllyngvase (xi) is well underway and it is a continuation of the slight change in style to the series that was evident in Gyllyngvase (x).  I have also started  work on 2 further paintings for Germany.

Also  my Christmas card painting is in it’s early stages,  and as a special gift I am giving away a free limited edition signed and numbered print to 10 lucky subscribers of my facebook page.  These can be won in a draw that will be made from all members of the page at a date between now and January 1st 2011.  This print will be in a strict limited edition of 10 and hopefully will become highly colllectable

And….  this just may be the last day I paint in only my shorts until next spring, apparently the weather is due to get colder …

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