Kunstakademie Internationale Eifel : Johann Wilhelm Schirmer

I have just returned from a trip to the Eifel region of  Germany, where I went to see my work exhibited alongside works by Johann Wilhelm Schirmer.  I am proud to say that four of my paintings, which have recently been acquired by the Julich Museum for their permanent collection,  were on display in Heimbach.

During my visit I spent a day at  Julich where I was privileged to be given a private guided tour of the museum and the citadel by Bernhard Dautzenberg.  Here I had the chance to spend some time with the museum’s  Schirmer collection  and reflect on the history of the magnificent building itself.

Chris Billington - Bernhard Dautzenberg - JW Schirmer - Julich Museum

Chris Billington – Bernhard Dautzenberg – JW Schirmer Collection – Julich Museum

At Heimbach I had a very rewarding and valuable meeting with the Director of the most exceptional Kunstakademie Heimbach, Professor Dr. Frank Gunter Zehnder and Marcell Perse, the Curator of the Julich Museum.  I was also reunited with my good friend, and co-collaborator, German artist, Maf Räderscheidt.

Chris Billington - Prof. Dr. Zehnder - Heimbach - JW Schirmer

Chris Billington – Prof. Dr. Zehnder – Heimbach –  Dialogue  JW Schirmer Exhibition

In addition to an already amazing few days I was also introduced to the master German Printer Martin Katelhon.   We had a few hours together at his studio in Cologne where we discussed the possibility of working on a project for 2011.  I am especially excited about this, Martin is highly regarded internationally and has worked with many great artists, including Yoko Ono and Sigmar Polke.

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