“The Earth is blue….. is beautiful”

During last week’s event I had the opportunity to spend quality time with a lot of my old friends and customers and also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful new people.

This year people came to see me and my work from all over the UK and  also I had a visit from a delightful family who came from Osaka in Japan, thank you to everyone who took the time to visit me.

Some of my favourite quotes from last week’s visitors:-
“Chris, your paintings blow my mind” – Barry Walker

“Rothko without sunglasses” – Claire Richardson

“Colours so bright they burn your eyes…ideas so sharp they sting your mind” – Beatrice Brown

“Shame that the painting we wanted had been sold” – Chris + Ruth Western

I have been fortunate to sell a lot of paintings which i am sure will bring  joy for many years to come, including one which was not actually for sale., but I did let it go …..

Chris Billington 'the earth is blue....... is beautiful' (2009)

“The Earth is blue…… is beautiful” (2009) 100cm x 40cm acrylic on canvas

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