On 31st July I was asked if I could donate a painting for a charity auction event, in aid of “Tanya’s Courage Trust”, to be held on Sunday 16th August at the office nightclub in Truro.

The auction is being organised by Darren Hoare in a bid to raise much needed funds for the charity that has given inspiration and support to Darren and his family, and his 17 year old sister Lauren, who was at that time in hospital having been diagnosed with a rare form of tumour.

Of course I gladly offered to help and I made the decision to donate one of my paintings. Earlier today I presented the family with “Blue Sail, StrangeLight Falmouth”, which had previously featured in the West Briton.

I am most sad to say that Lauren passed away on August 2nd and I wish Darren, Maxine and the entire family every success with their auction on Sunday, I truly hope that it raises a lot of money.

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