While I was in London to see the Rothko exhibition I made a second visit to The Saatchi Gallery to take in The Revolution Continues one more time before the exhibition ended.

Below are a few more photo’s which I took, the first are of the work by Zhang Dali of 15 life-size figures cast in resin and suspended upside down from the ceiling of one of the gallery rooms. They represent immigrant workers from the rural areas of China that have come to work in the construction industry in the cities., each one of the figures is tattooed with the signature of the artist and the title Chinese Offspring. A very strange yet effective spectacle.

Chinese Offspring – Zhang Dali

I also had to get a second look at the paintings of Zhang Xiaogang. These are portraits on an immense scale and feature characters with oversized, ever so slightly out of focus photographic like heads with peculiar mechanized expressions that stare out at the viewer with a chilling detachment. Mesmerising works.

Untitled 2008 – Zhang Xiaogang

A Big Family 1995 – Zhang Xiaogang

And one from Yue Minjun

Untitled 2005 – Yue Minjun

Once again my thanks to Charles Saatchi and his staff at The Saatchi Gallery for allowing me to take the above photgraphs.

Now I can’t wait to return for the new exhibition, which promises to be very exciting indeed, Unveiled: New Art From The Middle East opens this week and runs until the 6th May 2009.


  1. vivgillard says:

    YES! This exhibition is indeed most exciting! I thoroughly enjoed the whole show and in fact went again for another day of appreciation.
    ~ Vivienne G

  2. chris billington says:

    Yes indeed Viv, I had to visit it twice myself, and thank you for your comment 🙂

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