As we enter the second week of 2009 here are a few of my personal moments which, and in addition to my artistic and cultural experiences of 2008, formed some of my highlights of the year with some of my artist friends.

Some press coverage in The Cornishman

and some creative photography of Linda, myself and Chris, with Lucie and Val looking on during the exhibition hanging – taken, of course, by Paul.

and another shot of some of us at the beach in Marazion during the summer, pictured here are Linda Bowen, Lucie Bond, Chris Holloway and myself

and one that I took of Paul Chapman at Penzance Harbour, with Warlord in the background, later to feature in one of my paintings

and here we are, my special and lovely friends and myself (Sue, Jean, Me, Paul, Linda and Lucie) in Paul’s garden with Paul showing off his newly acquired “Billington”

Finally I would like to thank everybody who has supported, encouraged and/or purchased any of my work during 2008, especially the artists Diane Ibbotson, Alison Cameron, Jackie East and Dawn Walker, as well as the American sculptor Larry Steele and the art historian John A Walker, and in particular my good friend, inspiration and mentor throughout the year, Cecil Riley and his lovely wife, the artist, Joan Riley.

Below is a picture of me and Cecil at Newlyn which was taken during the summer months only moments after he had given an entertaining opening speach for an exhibition. Cecil, of course, was on BBC Spotlight TV later in the year which was great to see.

and here is a snapshot of the current painting in progress in my studio

which, apart from filling up with work, is getting untidy again

And finally a thank you to my website designer Chris Thornton for providing a friendly, courteous, good value service where nothing is too much trouble. For artists seeking a website design service Grish Art should be high on your list, most of my communication with Chris is by email and the service works flawlessly.

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