Well, I rounded off a busy summer by taking Jennie on a trip to Liverpool. It seemed the right time to make my first visit, what with it being the European City of Culture this year. We took in the usual sights and galleries and I must say that the city and it’s people exceeded my expectations in every respect. We spent almost an entire day of the visit around the fabulous Royal Albert Dock. You would think that I would be looking for a break from the waterside but it always has that irresistible lure…..

The Liverpudlians are such great people, friendly and helpful, and there was so much to see and do that we will have to make a return trip.

In the meantime I have come away with plenty of inspiration and ideas for new work…….of course it will have to wait until I have finished my current projects, which look like keeping me busy for the next few months at least.

A few more paintings have been added to the site today, including two commissions of Santorini, and the first in my series of Metaphysical Diary, other works will follow soon,… now where did I put that Billy Fury CD……..

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