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Cosmic Snowglobe

Cosmic Snowglobe – Happy Christmas from Chris Billington

Cosmic Snowglobe, 22 x 32in, 2020 – Chris Billington

In what has been a torrid year for many, and with celebrations not going to plan for most, I wanted to bring back my Cosmic Snowmen to inject a bit of joy into Christmas. For the first time in over 10 years the Cosmic Snowmen have returned and are having a ball in their very own cosmic Christmas Bubble.

Cosmic Snowglobe was my Christmas Card artwork for 2020, which as usual has gone out to many of my friends and clients around the globe. I hope that you all have a peaceful and Happy Christmas.

Chris Billington on Cornwall

Working full time from my Cornwall based studio  I pursue my art with an absolute passion for bold and experimental use of colour.

Cornwall is at my creative core.  I am constantly immersed in it’s diverse light, the colour and atmosphere of the sea, the sand, the coast and the pure blue skies.

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