Love Machine ~ Computer Art

Love Machine has been generated entirely from code and computer software.

This is the release of my first exclusively machine art for quite some time.    Since  ‘The 29th Day’ back in 2012 in fact and it heralds the start of  a new direction in my digital art processing.

I see this as an aspect of my work which will become more prevalent in 2016.   My experiments with digital technology  and Electronic Art will run parallel with my traditional painting.   However I  envisage that the two areas  will at times mesh more closely, and also along with other strands of my art practice.

This stronger emphasis on creative experimental work in the digital domain will compliment and not replace my painting.

Love Machine was created to coincide with Valentine’s Day.


Love Machine (2016) ~ Computer Art ~ Chris Billington

Love Machine (2016) ~ Computer Art ~ Chris Billington

Computer art generated by Grey Matter and Deep Blue in my ArtLab in Cornwall.

2 Responses to “Love Machine ~ Computer Art”

  1. Sally J says:

    Love this new direction with the computer art Chris!

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you Sally, there will be more computer art uploaded in due course.

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