Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016 to one and all from the Cornwall and France studios of Chris Billington.

May your year sparkle with light and be brimful of colour and wonder.

2015 Has been another very busy year for me  with various projects progressing well in the UK and France. In fact much of my time was spent in France and travelling between the two countries during the past year which has meant that I have not been able to dedicate as much time to my website.   A situation which I will try to improve on in the coming months.   Some of the art that I am currently working on I hope will be ready to be made public during 2016.

In a break with my tradition of keeping my immediate family private and off the internet I have to mention the birth of my beautiful granddaughter, Aria Pearl in my New Year message.

Happy New Year 2016 ~ Chris Billington with Aria Pearl

Happy New Year 2016 ~ Chris Billington with Aria Pearl

Born to my eldest daughter Jessica and her husband Jake a few weeks before Christmas, Aria Pearl is my fourth grandchild, each one adorable,  and she already seems to be captivated by the colours in my paintings in a similar way to my creative and eldest delightful granddaughter Abigail.  Aria is a beautiful reminder that there is nothing more precious or amazing than life itself and that each of us is an awesome shining star in the velvet black cosmos.

Also a big thank you for the overwhelming response to my 2015 Christmas Card, Cosmic Star Of Bethlehem.    As one or two of you know, I almost didn’t create one this year because I thought that you may have had enough of them by now, how wrong could I be!

As this New Year of 2016 is stretching out ahead like a roll of blank canvas, waiting for us to paint in the details of our lives, I would like to once again thank all of my friends family and supporters of my art from around the world, you are each and every one of you intrinsic to my creativity.


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  1. Wish you happy new year 2017 in advance

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