Cosmic Star Of Bethlehem

Cosmic Star Of Bethlehem continues my annual cosmic themed Christmas Card, after a break for my slightly more traditional  Nadelik – A Cornish Christmas card of last winter.

Star of wonder, star of night – The Star Of Bethlehem features on my Christmas card for the second time in the eight years since I started sending out annual cards.   It follows on from my 2011 card and painting “O Cosmic Star Of Bethlehem”, the original of which was sold to a collector in New York in early 2012, and it is taken from my final completed work of 2015 which can be seen below ~ The Cosmic Star Of Bethlehem ~ shining forth from the cosmos to illuminate the way for the Three Magi.


Cosmic Star Of Bethlehem (2015) - 42cm X 58cm - Chris Billington

Cosmic Star Of Bethlehem (2015) – 42cm X 58cm – Chris Billington


To my friends, followers and supporters of my work from around the world  I once more take the opportunity to wish you all a Christmas that sparkles with love and happiness and a peaceful and magical year to come.


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