Bristol Corinthian At Axbridge

‘Bristol Corinthian At Axbridge’, my first commissioned art of 2015 has recently been completed and is now hanging in it’s new home in Somerset.

I was approached by a client last year who was keen for me to paint Cheddar Reservoir for his new home, the only brief being the size and that it was to be in my trademark colourful style.

Not really familiar with the reservoir I took a trip up from Cornwall to see it at first hand.   I walked it’s circumference on a bright sunny winter morning taking a few photographs as I went.   It is a concrete structure  and has an almost perfect circular shape and was built in the 1930’s, the same period during which many of the UK’s wonderful Lido structures of which I have a real love.  Featuring two distinctive concrete water towers which sit opposite each other the reservoir is framed graciously by lush green hills around it’s flanks.

Interestingly it was the first British reservoir to permit sailing and is home to the Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club, which was formed in 1931.   Seeing the various class of dinghy dotted around the grounds of the Bristol Corinthian YC clubhouse with their masts pointing at various angles towards the winter sun my final ideas and title for the painting of Cheddar reservoir were formulated.

Using my characteristic principle of basic design and vibrant colour ‘Bristol Corinthian At Axbridge’ is at once an homage to the seduction of a strikingly simple yet functional construction and the sailing club that have made use of its waters for almost a century.


Bristol Corinthian At Axbridge (2015) - 32in x 30in - Chris Billington

‘Bristol Corinthian At Axbridge’ (2015) – 32in x 30in – Chris Billington


Whilst the path and road around Cheddar Reservoir is not a Public Footpath, Bristol Water do permit access for people to walk the perimeter and also allow Fishing which is leased to the Cheddar Angling Club .

Cheddar Reservoir Leisure

Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club


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