Colour and Reduction ~ The Juelich Museum Vernissage

Abstract artist Chris Billington at the preview of his current exhibition in Germany which celebrates the work of classical landscape painter J.W.Schirmer.

The Juelich Museum Vernissage was attended by nearly 100 guests, including local dignitaries such as the wife of  Nobel Prize Winner, Physicist Peter Grunberg, and many members of the International Club.   The Club President Sandrine Cowling gave a delightful  welcome speech, along with an introductory  speech from Museum Director Marcell Perse and the exhibition was opened with a piano recital.

My most grateful thanks go to everyone concerned for the overwhelming response to my work, and especially to the Great, Great Grandson of J.W.Schirmer who travelled many miles with his wife to be at the opening of the exhibition and to meet me.

Above all I was completely moved with the totally unexpected Museum Medal which was presented to me in honour of my outstanding achievement to art.


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