Jackson’s Art Advent Calendar

Jackson's Artists Advent Calendar



I am delighted to have been asked to feature in the Jackson’s Artists Advent Calendar which has been set up by Jackson’s Arts on the Specialmoves free website ~ 24 Days Of Happiness ~ for anyone to add 24 images which can be viewed each day starting from 1st December.   The image for my work was chosen from my portfolio by Jackson’s themselves

There is an App which is completely free to use, but calendar-makers are encouraged to make a £2 voluntary donation to the fantastic child mentoring charity Friendship Works.
Specialmoves are aiming to raise at least £5000 this Christmas to help them give better life chances to young people who need stronger social support networks.

Further information can be found on Jackson’s Art Blog 

And the Jackson’s Artists Calendar can be seen at the link below, but the images will not start arriving until the 1st December.

Jackson’s Artists Calendar

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