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Apologies for the delay but here is the latest news from my studio, which currently has even more of an international flavour than usual.

This morning the original works of ‘Magentic Sun’, ‘The 29th Day’ and ‘BIG BANG’, which were completed for Sequoia Tees, have been shipped to Amsterdam ready for exhibition.

‘Brandenburg Concerto No. 1’ and ‘Die Rote Kapelle’ painted for EAGL Gallery in Berlin and featuring in their latest catalogue, which coincidentally arrived this morning by post, are ready for exhibition.

'Die Rote Kapelle' (2012) ~ 50cm x 60cm ~ acrylic on canvas ~  Berlin ~ Chris Billington

‘Die Rote Kapelle’ (2012) ~ 50cm x 60cm ~ acrylic on canvas ~ Berlin ~ Chris Billington

The first works for France are now finished and are at my framers, a triptych of small works which are collectively titled ‘An Homage To Neil Armstrong, Earth ~ Sun ~ Moon’.

Four paintings from my recent ‘2012 ~ Signs, Secrets & Symbols’ project will be on show at London’s Vibe Gallery later this month.

Work is well under way on my Christmas Exhibition paintings for my show at The Blake Gallery in Gravesham.

The Hall For Cornwall Carousel Horse project which features my ‘Sterren ~ A Star For Cornwall’ is well under way.

In addition there are several other projects under way and of course my paintings are available from The ARThouse Gallery in Bournemouth.

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