Euskaltel – a Commissioned Painting

In December I was commissioned to undertake a painting on the basis that due to current exhibition commitments it would take several months to complete.

It followed the same format as most of my commissions to date, in that I was given a broad theme, a size and a guide to a general look, ie desired colour scheme. A time frame was discussed and then I was left to get on with it. In this instance, drawn to my use of orange, my client’s only specific request was that it featured the colours of the Basque cycling team, Euskaltel. The painting, “Euskaltel” was delivered to a most delighted client on Good Friday.

Here is an insight into my own rather unique way of handling commissions.

I am fortunate that I am totally trusted for my skill and judgement in what is a major and very personal commitment. During an initial consultation I get a feel for the desired visual expectation and then I can approach the project with complete freedom to interpret the painting myself. My clients seem to like it that there is an element of surprise in the final result, heightened by an anticipation which builds as they wait to see the finished painting. I like it that my clients have confidence in me to produce work in this way, with little more than an occasional email to inform them that the painting is on schedule – painted with love and energy these commissioned works become very special to both me and my clients and always exceed expectations.

When my client finally saw “Euskaltel”for the first time she was absolutely stunned and delighted, and told me that it was the most beautiful painting that she had ever seen, in fact she went even further and told me that my colours were a reason to wake up in the morning. Going on to tell me that “Euskaltel” made her want to “Dive into the painting and swim around in my colours and get drunk on them” made me very happy indeed.

Here it is, with “Team Euskaltel” taking the lead in a race in The Pyrenees, and of course as always the photo cannot due the painting full justice….

Euskaltel  (2012) 80cm x 100cm - acrylic on canvas - Chris Billington

Euskaltel (2012) 80cm x 100cm - acrylic on canvas - Chris Billington

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  1. […] I’ve written previously about art and bikes and my current plan for a local artist to paint something for me that encapsulates my rides is currently taking shape.  I was very much interested today to learn of the above picture “Euskaltel” which is a commission that has recently been done by the British Artist Chris Billington.  […]

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  3. Chris says:

    Thank you for featuring “Euskaltel” on your Into The Orchard blog Ian, and also for your very kind words regarding my work….

  4. Chris says:

    Thank you for the mention of my “Euskaltel” painting in your Tuesday Shorts on The Inner Ring, very much appreciated.

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