“2012 – Signs, Secrets & Symbols”

“2012 – Signs, Secrets & Symbols” My forthcoming solo exhibition for The ARTHouse Gallery is my response to the significance attached to the period of time that we are now living through, the year 2012.


An Almighty Shift In Consciousness (2012) - 20in x 24in - acrylic on canvas ~ '2012 ~ Signs, Secrets & Symbols' - Chris Billington

An Almighty Shift In Consciousness (2012) — 20in x 24in – acrylic on canvas – ‘2012 ~ Signs, Secrets & Symbols’ ~ Chris Billington


Like many, I first took note of the date “2012” and it’s connotations quite a while ago and I have been absorbing and planning for this show for a number of years, although I never had a specific venue in mind until early last autumn safe in the knowledge that the right space would become evident at the right time. When I first met Paul Watts at The ARTHouse Gallery last year I instinctively knew that this was the place where the exhibition had to take place and I am extremely proud to be working with him.

With “2012 – Signs, Secrets & Symbols” my work has advanced in new directions and has expanded not just to further explore the metaphysical world but also that of ancient symbols and secret codes. This exhibition embraces the cosmos and man’s place in it with paintings that, through emblematic imagery, reveal some of the elements and understanding that seemingly have been woven into our collective memory for all time.

From the cosmologies and mysticism of ancient civilisations, going back to the Olmec and Maya people of Central America and beyond with their references to 2012 in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar and forward into the future thinking behind Quantum Physics, taking in elements of alchemy, belief systems, secret knowledge and science along the way, I have captured fragments of this enigmatic information and translated the focus of energy through the visual device of 27 new paintings.

These allegorical works are populated with coded allusions combined with the absolute materiality of pigments and sparked with my intuitive sense of colour.

“2012 – Signs, Secrets & Symbols” will be on exhibition at The ARTHouse Gallery from the 6th July – 24th July inclusive and there will be a Private View on the 5th July.

The ARTHouse Gallery
22 Post Office Road
Bournemouth BH1 1BA

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