Happy New Year and Highlights of 2011

Happy New Year for 2012

Well, here we are at the the dawn of another year and once again I wish all of my supporters, friends, and followers from around the world a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2012. Thank you for being with me during the past twelve months and a very special thank you to all who invested in my art during 2011, long may it’s energy and colour light up your walls and your hearts.

2011 was another exceptional year for me and my work, and highlights of some of those moments are noted below.

Sliding into the Sunshine - Victoria Park - icon

Internationally I was as busy as ever, strengthening my ties with Germany, with three more exhibitions during the year, starting with “Black Kites – Eifel Gold” in Bad Munstereifel, last February, and then showing at Muna Goetze Gallery in Nideggen at the end of March and finally exhibiting in May at “The Eifel in perspective”, an exhibition spanning two centuries of work at Kulturraum, at the Kall Cultural Centre. Also in recognition of my continuing dialogue with the work of Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, the Julich Museum made an official presentation of my painting “Lempertz” on International Museum Day.

Chris Billington, Bad Munstereifel, Germany 2011 (6)

In the USA, my first foray into digital work was shown at Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in June and my first work to be exhibited in New York City at The Spanish Benevolent Society Gallery (one time home of Picasso and Dalí) in mid July. with all pieces being “sold out”. At the end of the year I was in Amsterdam for the launch of Sequoia Tees where I was invited to make a speech about the project by the CEO.

New York Attorney - Richard Zweig - pictured with new acquisitions

Meanwhile in the UK I exhibited several times at The Bristol Gallery, where I continue to keep good company, being privileged to show alongside such giants of contemporary art as Matisse, Miro, Picasso and Kandinsky. During 2011 I also showed work at Manchester’s Bureau Gallery, while here in Cornwall my “Lido” show was held at The Stoneman Gallery in Penzance. And following a meeting in late October I am absolutely delighted that I am now being represented by one of the most prestigious galleries in the UK, The ARThouse Gallery in Bournemouth.

Lido - Chris Billington @ The Stoneman Gallery - Private View 13

My recent move into digital work, which complements and coexists with my painting, has been well received and my video and soundtrack work was wholeheartedly endorsed when on December 31st, I was completely taken by surprise when I was informed that “antiSocial Media Generation” has just been awarded the accolade of best video report of 2011 by Korea’s Arirang TV, thus ending the year on a real high.

2091 Radiating Original Thinking (2011) - Chris Billington

I am pleased to say that my support of local and national charities continues to raise much needed funds, via donations of my work, including MacMillan Cancer Support, Cornwall Blind Association and SixbyEight’s Hop Skip & Jump.

Macmillan Cancer Support - Chris Billington

Macmillan Cancer Support - Chris Billington

As for 2012…….. my first exhibition takes place in Berlin in February, and work is now well underway for my first show for The ARThouse Gallery, which will go on exhibition in July. Alongside this I have managed to fit in a rather special commission which will be started next week, and a reminder that as my schedule is very busy I will only consider further commission work in the second half of the year. And finally, for those of you who are asking why your work is not yet shown on my website gallery “Selected Works in Private & Public Collections”, I have made a New Year’s Resolution to get more images on the gallery soon!!!!

To my many clients who already own my paintings, to those who have added to their collections in the past 12 months, and those that I have welcomed to my “wonderful world of colour”, in Cornwall, nationally and internationally, immense thanks.

Chris Billington - Cornwall Today - Postcard From An Artist

Finally, in addition to my many clients and customers I would like to say a thank you to some of the people behind the scenes – my New Year’s Honour’s List so to speak – Mark Opie, MAF Räderscheidt, Marcell Perse, Muna Goetze, Stephan Everling, Dr Elisabeth Geschwind, Paul Cabezas, Paul Watts, Regiane Yuki Sabanai, Andrew Price, Mandy Hoare, Darren Hoare, Lee Trewhela, Claudia Mantelli, Jessica Ratty, Jackie Butler, Pete Mcgahan, Alex Wade, Linda Stoneman, Amy Mothersbaugh Roos, Si-in Yang, Remko Spaan, R.A.P.P. Quelle, Sophia Crilly and all members of the German Press who reported on my work during 2011.

Chris Billington - Schleidener Wochenspiegel

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