Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

“Checkpoint Charlie” is now in Berlin, along with “Vorsprung Durch Technik” ~ two small paintings which were recently completed for next month’s quadriART, a cultural feast of art and music.

Checkpoint Charlie (2011) - 40cm x 40cm - Chris Billington

Checkpoint Charlie (2011) - 40cm x 40cm - Chris Billington

I was delighted when I was invited to take part in quadriART, an exciting exhibition of 100 works by 60 artists from Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, the USA and the UK, and further afield. Participating in an engaging concept, with a variety of artistic ideas and styles, coming together with only one brief, to create small square paintings, out of which the curators will create one large, completely new artwork.


The quadriArt Exhibition is being staged by EAGL Gallery in Berlin and at the Vernissage on the 4th February there will be an opening performance from New York based Berlin Soprano Witrud Weber starting at 7pm when she will be performing songs from her latest CD,
“Blue and Deep” .

The entertainment continues midpoint in the exhibition when there is also a Midissage on Friday 2nd March at which jazz singer Gabriele Raik, accompanied by a Trio of Julia Fiebelkorn, Susanne Duchstein and Yvonne Panten will be creating their minimal structures and sound sculptures from 8pm.

The show ends on Saturday March 31st, when selected pieces, including “Checkpoint Charlie” and “Vorsprung Durch Technik”, will be auctioned during the evening, musically supported by “one man with his guitar” Dominik Damke, again from 8pm.

quadriART @ EAGL Gallery, Kanstrase 87a, 10627 Berlin
4 February – 31 March 2012

Open daily from 2pm – 6pm (except Wednesday/Sundays/Public Holiday)

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