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Two years ago my website went through a complete overhaul and after much discussion with my new web designer  regarding the structure and layout of the site a decision was made to split the Galleries into Paintings and Prints, thereby dispensing with the category of works previously sold.

A few of you immediately told me that you missed this feature, and would like to see it re-introduced, and over time I seem to be getting ever more requests to see some of these paintings.  You will be glad to know that I have now taken heed of your requests and I have combined work for sale into the one gallery and I am in the process of re-instating the ” Selected Works in Private Collections” gallery.

As previously, it will be “Selected Works”, and will not include  “all”  of the sold works, and please note that if a painting or a screenprint that you own has not been included it does not mean that I feel it is of any less importance.

I might also add that this will take me some time to bring up to date as I will be adding to it gradually so please check back regularly.

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