Blind Art @ The Royal Cornwall Show

I was particularly honoured to be asked to judge the Blind Art Competition for the Cornwall Blind Association at The Royal Cornwall Show on Saturday.

The CBA  invited guests to their stand over the three day period at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show to try their hand at painting, but with a twist, they were blind folded or wore spectacles that simulate serious visual impairment.   Over 150 adults and children entered into the spirit and experienced the challenges faced by those who live with sight loss. There was also a chance for the best paintings to win prizes, including a family day out at Crealy Adventure Park and a night a The Metropole Hotel in Padstow.

It was an amazing experience watching how people deal with a sight loss and work out strategies for creating their pictures through ingenuity and inspired thinking.    I have to say that it was  an incredibly difficult competition to judge and I would liked to have  had 150 prizes  to award.

Chris Billington Jackie Southon - Blind Art

Pictured with Jackie Southon, Head of Service Delivery CBA

Chris Billington and CBA team - Blind Art

Pictured with the CBA team

Listen to the podcast below to hear what I was doing with the Cornwall Blind Association at the Royal Cornwall Show.

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