Kulturraum – Kall Exhibition

“The Eifel in perspective”

Saturday 16th May saw the Private View Opening/Vernissage of the exciting exhibition “The Eifel in perspective”.

Fifteen artists spanning two centuries participating in a special exhibition is currently being held in the Kulturraum, at the Kall Cultural Centre, to celebrate some of the outstanding art produced on the Eifel region in the last 200 years.

Once again it is an absolute honour for me that my work was selected for inclusion in such a prestigeous exhibition and my most grateful thanks go out to all concerned.

Dark Side of The Eifel - Chris Billington

Dark Side of The Eifel (2011)

The exhibition runs until 11th June 2011, further details can be found at the Kulturraum website Kulturraum Kall

Here is a link to an online press review of the exhibtion from the Cologne newpaper Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger    “The Eifel In Perspective” – review by KSTA

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