Studio News – March 2011

Chris Billington - Studio News March 2011

Work is now well under way on the large piece for The Bristol Gallery, which is due to be delivered to them in the first week in April. Also several paintings for my show at The Stoneman are now nearing completion.

Today I was very happy to finally have delivered a commission to my framer. This piece took longer than anticipated to complete and was delayed slightly due to the paintings for Black Kites : Eifel Gold, which is still showing in Bad Munstereifel until the 18th. I have another commission in the pipeline but would ask that if anybody is considering commissioning any work from me during 2011 please let me know sooner rather than later as my workload is already building up.

There are quite a few exciting developments on the horizon, and announcements of these, along with further details of forthcoming exhibitions etc., will follow in due course…..

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  1. Michael Bolten says:

    Hallo Mr. Billington
    Today I had a small talk to MAF and I saw your Black Kites:Eifel Gold in Bad M├╝nstereifel. MAF told me that your have an exibition in the ate Gallery. Is it true?
    Mikel Bolten

  2. Michael Bolten says:

    I must correct: in the Tate Gallery?

  3. Chris says:

    I have been discussing a project with The Tate St Ives Michael

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