Chris Billington and Cecil Riley

Chris Billington and Cecil Riley

Well, the build up to the COAST exhibition has been hectic, the last few days in particular, but last night’s Private Viewing went really well and it was very well supported despite the heavy rain in the early evening.   Thank you to everyone who made the launch of the show such a success.

On Wednesday in addition to the hanging I spent a few hours with my remarkable friend Cecil Riley, pictured above. He visited my home and studio to see my latest works, including my most recent and untitled painting – which he unhesitatingly named “Pending Eclipse”.

As usual Cecil kept me amused for hours with tales of his days at The Slade and his travels with his old pal Bryan Wynter.


2 Responses to “COAST AND OTHER THINGS……”

  1. Douglas Dwyer says:

    Thanks Chris Ceeil was my gramar school art master in the 50s and through you I have been able to keep in touch with Cess.
    He refused to allow me to call him “sir” He was by far the most sympathetic teacher there. He and His fellow teacher “tomy Trinder” could be found the local hostelry by 7 and sometimes that interfered with the Astronomical society.
    I have some family living near him so we have met up .
    I am currently living near Avignon but not sadly for artistic reasons. ( More to do of converting a barn near Okehampton) yESS THE SKY IS USUALLY DEEP BLUE thee reliable 40kmph mistral keeps it blue! I know that Cess is proud of you as a convert.
    Doug Dwyer

  2. Chris says:

    Deep blue skies are reason enough Doug, good luck with the conversion.

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