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Cornwall Life

I am thrilled that Cornwall Life have included a 2 page feature on me in the November Issue, If you cannot obtain a copy, simply click on the cover image below to start reading the digital edition now, I am on pages 50/51.

Recent Commission

As requested.

A picture of one of my favourite recent commissions, “The Cheesewring in Moonlight”

Carn Marth

The Cornishman feature October 2009

The Cornishman October 2009 LEVANT MINE HEADLINE

The Cornishman October 2009 LEVANT MINE

The Cornishman October 2009 LEVANT MINE 2

 The Cornishman October 2009 LEVANT MINE FEATURE

90th Anniversary of The Levant Disaster

I am extremely proud to be one of the contributing artists to this event which marks the 90th Anniversary of the tragic collapse of the man engine at Levant Mine which occurred on the afternoon of Monday 20th October 1919. A total of 31 local men lost their lives, and many more were left injured and traumatised by the terrible sequence of events that took place. The toll on the community in Penwith was immense.

The community art project – 90 Years ~ 90 Artists – is also coming to a climax with the exhibition of the completed 90 canvases. Entrance to the exhibition is free, and details are shown in the poster above.

On Friday 30th October, at the close of the exhibition there will be a grand draw with the 90 canvases forming 90 individaul prizes. This will take place between 4.00-6.00pm. Tickets are being sold throughout August, September and October priced £1 each in books of 5 tickets. To obtain tickets please contact either the St Just & District Trust (secretary 07917 196069) or The National Trust Levant ( 01736 786156).

Below is a list of the brave miners who lost their lives in the tragic collapse of the man engine at Levant Mine, on Monday 20th October 1919:-

Below is a list of the brave miners who lost their lives in the tragic collapse of the man engine at Levant Mine, on

Monday 20th October 1919:-

Henry Andrews(46) Nancherrow-Terrace, St Just Widow + 2 children (1 under 16)
John T. Angwin(61) Regent-Terrace, St. Just Widow + 2 adult children
Thomas Branwell(60) Carnyorth
Peter Branwell(38) Chapel Street, St Just Widow
Stephen J. Brewer(18) Church Sq., St. Just
George H. Eddy(45) Bosorne-road, St. Just Widow + 7 children 6 under 16
John Ellis(34) South Place, St Just
William Henry Ellis(47) Chapel-street, St Just 4 children 2 under 16
William John George(47) Cresswell-Terrace, Widow + 7 children
John E. Grenfell (52) Cresswell Terrace Widow, + 9 children
William J. Harvey(43) Boscaswell Widow & 9 Children
Ben Hocking(43) Kelynack Moor, St Just Widow + 6 children all under 16
William John Hocking Truthwall Widow + 11 children
John Kevern(44) Carn View-Terrace, Pendeen Widow
James Maddern(47) Carn Bosavern Widow + 2 children 1 under 16
Nicholas J. Mathews(36) Chapel Street, St Just Widow + 1 child under 16
Mathew E Mathews(36) Bojewyan widow
William. J. Murley (29) Tregaseal, St Just Widow + 2 Children under 16
Mathew Newton (61) Carn Bosavern Widow
James H Oats (39) South Place, St Just Widowed-mother
Sampson Osborne(48) Chapel Road, St Just
Eddy F. Pascoe (22) Prince’s street, St Just Widow
Tom Rowe(46) Creswell Terrace 11 orphans (mother previously died)
Leonard Semmens(25) Nancherrow-Terrace. St Just
Nicholas H. Thomas(20) Boscaswell Widowed Mother and sister over 16
John Tonkin (52) Boscean Widow + 7 children 3 dependant
Edwin T Trathen (41) Bojewyan 3 children, 2 under 16 years
William Henry Tregear(57) Bosorn-road, St. Just Widow + 2 Children under16
James Vingoe Trembath(25) Bojewyan Mother
William E.Waters(31) Chapel Street, St Just Sister
John Wearne(29) Bosorne Fields, St Just Widow + 3 children under 16

SpectrumArt Online Auction Link

As mentioned in my previous news post last month, and in keeping with the theme of the auction, Communication, I have donated a diptych, “Duet” to the SpectrumArt auction.

It is painted in alkyd on two ply panels – each a slight shade different colour of blue, mounted and framed.

To grab a bargain and help a worthwhile charity
click “Duet” online auction link

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